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SurgeryVision - Surgery planning in Virtual Reality 

Our ambitious vision "Zero Surgical Failures" comes from operation theaters where every failure matter.

These failures in operation theaters are time and resource consuming, by having also direct impact to patient outcome. SurgeryVision is developed for helping to reduce these surgical failures.


SurgeryVision is a Virtual Reality solution presenting patients MRI and / or CT (DICOM) image as a virtual  model. This stereoscopic 3D virtual model helps surgeons to make more precise planning of surgical procedures, and it is also claimed by our users that SurgeryVision would help them to reduce procedure time.

SurgeryVision is FAST. It creates a single, stereoscopic 3D model from hundreds of MRI or CT image slizes in few seconds. This makes MRI / CT imges and patients anatomic structures shown easier to understand.

SurgeryVision is PRECISE. Original imaging data is not modified by the system and recently published study confirms that the image quality is at least as precise as in currently used surgery planing systems. This makes surgery planning directly to the opened model possible.

SurgeryVision is MODULAR. Customer(s) have several modules (Image viewer, Surgery planning, PACS integration, AI, 3D printing) from which they can choose the ones fitting best into their use.


SurgeryVision is HIGH-QUALITY. By contacting us, you can also experience SurgeryVision`s MDD classified quality.

Latest news //

Clinically proven - SurgeryVision improves performance in surgery:


Recently published article (Timonen, T., Dietz, A., Linder, P. et al. The effect of virtual reality on temporal bone anatomy evaluation and performance. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2021)), proves that by using SurgeryVision novice surgeons performed the anatomical evaluation faster and with fewer errors than in the traditional cross-sectional viewing, which supports SurgeryVision efficiency for the evaluation of complex anatomy. This fact provides significant value to surgery clinics, especially to University hospitals providing compulsotory eductaion for surgeons.


Full article can be found here:

Customer statements //

Jaakko Rinne, Professor, Head physician, Neurosurgery:

”SurgeryVision™ presents better the patient anatomy and aids in surgery planning”

Vesa Anttila, Head physician, Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery:

”The 3D model can be used for example to visualize lung anatomy preoperatively. SurgeryVision™ clearly helps in lung cancer surgery”.


Kari Isotalo, Deputy chief, Orthopedics and traumatology:

”Perceiving and planning difficult cases is easier with SurgeryVision™”

Product videos //

SurgeryVision with NVIDIA Clara AI

SurgeryVision is now able to utilize NVIDIA Clara AI for presenting AI/ML findings in stereoscopic 3D model. These findings (like segmented organs, abnormalities in patients MRI / CT images, etc.) can be shown beside the original image in Virtual Reality. This helps surgeons in their daily planning of surgery.


TOP 5 (and the best Finnish) company in "Nordic Startup Awards 2020" event in category of "Best Healthtech startup".

SurgeryVision - 5th most innovative product in ArabHealth 2020 (Gulf News)

SurgeryVision - AI annotation in VR

We have managed to enable AI annotation in  Virtual Reality (3D). This makes AI annotations easier, faster and more precise than in traditional 2D screen....once again ADESANTE is breaking barriers for improving the quality of healthcare.


- Opening MRI/CT image in SurgeryVision (VR)

- Choosing a point-of-interest (POI, e.g. a tumor) from original DICOM image

-  "Filtering" unnecessary anatomical structures away from the VR view for better interpretation of the POI (like filtering out the brain tissue for having better view to a brain tumor).

- Marking the POI and adjusting necessary setting accordingly (deviation of Hounsfield units, distance from orginal POI, etc.).

- Storing created & orignal image data and then utilizing NVIDIA Clara AI functions for AI annotation.

Welcome to the society of the SurgeryVision users

SurgeryVision is already available in Europe, Middle-East and South East Asia through our great distributor network. Kindly Contact us to join the success:


Strengths of the SurgeryVision are clearly its great Performance (fast & precise) and Usability (easy & self explaining), but also an attractive purchasing model available. Therefore SurgeryVision is preferred by Key decision makers.

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