Distributors //

Pasi Porramo        | CEO


Sales channel development and company management. Long experience in software service development and running software companies.

"The next big thing is surgery VR planning."

Joel Holmén, M.D. | VP Medical adviser


Medical adviser with knowledge and experience in virtual reality uses in healthcare. Implementation of latest research, service development and how to assure doctors on the uses of virtual reality in healthcare.

"Affordable and intelligent technology for all surgeons"

Technology partners //

Markus Jokela, B.Sc. | VP Visulization technology

B.Sc in engineering, specialization in visualization. Technical development. Strong Experience in developing virtual reality projects and game technologies

"Fail in VR, succeed in life."

Funders //

Teppo Lainio, M.Sc. | VP Business development

Business administration, QMS, medical device regulatory, HR

"Right at the first time"

Board members //

Peter Rivermeand, M.D. | VP Exports


Shoulder, Arm & Elbow Injuries, Pediatric Orthopedics


Senior Life Sciences sales director, 30y experience of Health care, 17y experience in International healthcare business. 


Lead several years international SW development in healthcare as in role of Upstream and Downstream Marketing Manager. Deep understanding of both Direct sales organizations and Distributor sales channels.

"The customer knows"