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SurgeryVision //

  • SurgeryVision is a planning tool for surgeons. It creates stereoscopic view into patients anatomy for more precise planning of surgical procedures. 

  • SurgeryVision includes set of tools which helps surgeons to plan their surgical procedures. Plans can be shared (even online) with peers, e.g. for consultancy purposes. 

  • SurgeryVision is easy to use. Just upload CT and MRI imaging files into SurgeryVision. See unchanged patient imaging results in 3D format with virtual reality glasses.

  • SurgeryVision is MDD class I product for professional use.

SurgeryVision, use cases //

MD Tomi Tuominen using SurgeryVision in Microsurgery centre of Kuopio University Hospital

SurgeryVision is presenting "Malleus" with its length. Also facial nerve canal and similar smaller nerve canals and structures can be clearly seen by SurgeryVision.

Tomi Timonen ja VR.jpg
Kuuloluut SuVi.jpg
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