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SurgeryVision Image viewer for medical education 

ADESANTE provides SurgeryVision image viewer for medical education use. This solution can be purchased by individual students for their learning purposes.


SurgeryVision image viewer opens MRI / CT images in stereoscopic 3D format, which helps to learn and understand human anatomy and anatomic abnormalities better and faster than ever before.


All you need is a laptop, HTC Vive Cosmos headset (see specs: and a SurgeryVision image viewer sw. 

Then you can open your own MRI / CT images (DICOM) directly from your external hard drive, or USB memory stick.

Contact us, and order your own SurgeryVision image viewer. As a reply you`ll get instructions how to proceed (e.g. a link for registering & downloading the application with a unique code for getting it installed into your computer).

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